2,700-year-old seal discovered in Jerusalem confirms Biblical truth

Archaeologists have announced the discovery of a Biblical-era seal in Jerusalem. The 2,700-year-old artifact once belonged to a governor of the city and could have been used as a logo or souvenir.

The seal may have been used as a souvenir or to accompany special, important documents.

Archaeologists in Jerusalem have uncovered a small, ancient seal dating back 2,700 years. The seal, made of clay, features two standing people wearing striped clothes. An inscription reads, “le-sar ha’ir,” which means “belonging to the governor of the city” in ancient Hebrew.

The seal is small, about the width of a fingertip. Archaeologists think it might have been used as a souvenir, or to mark special, official documents.

Dating back to 700 B.C., the seal would have been used during the Biblical period in Jerusalem. It is unclear which governor used the seal.

The seal was discovered during a dig by the Israel Antiquities Authority near the Western Wall of Jerusalem.

The seal dates back 2,700 years to a time when Jerusalem was overseen by a governor as mentioned in the Bible.

Its inscription confirms that Jerusalem had a governor at that time, a fact mentioned only in the Bible. The Romans also appointed governors to rule the city, but this development was much later in time.

The artifact is one more bit of evidence that the Bible contains an accurate history of the people of Israel.

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