Powerful prayers a mother can pray for her children

In heaven, united forever, may we delight in your presence for eternity.

Pray this prayer to entrust your children to God’s care.

God, my Father, I offer you my children;
You gave them to me. They belong to you always;
Help me raise them in your ways. I ask you
to guide them into your glory.

Lord, may egotism, ambition, and evil
never dissuade them from the narrow path.
May they have strength to fight against wrong
and may righteousness be always the goal of their actions.

In this world of so much evil, Lord,
you know our weaknesses
and how evil often glitters and attracts;
but you are with us
and I place my children under your protection.

Give them light, strength, and joy on this earth, Lord,
so that they live for you during this journey here below;
and so that in heaven, united forever,
we may delight in your presence for eternity.



A Mother’s Prayer for Her Children

Holy Mother Mary,
Who by virtue of your divine motherhood,
Hast become mother of us all
I place the charge which God has given me,
under your loving protection.
Be a Protecting Mother to my children.
Guard their bodies and keep them
in health and strength.
Guard their minds and keep their thoughts ever holy
in the sight of their Creator and God.
Guard their hearts and keep them pure and strong
and happy in the love of God.
Guard always their souls and ever preserve in them,
faithfully, the glorious image of God
whom they received in Holy Baptism.
Always Mother, protect them and keep them
under your Mothering care.
Supply in your all-wise motherhood,
for my poor human deficiencies
and protect them from all evil.

Queen of the Most Holy Family,
Pray for us.


A Mother’s Prayer to the Guardian Angels of her Children

I humbly salute you, O you faithful,
heavenly Friends of my children!
I give you heartfelt thanks
for all the love and goodness you show them.
At some future day I shall,
with thanks more worthy than I can now give,
repay your care for them,
and before the whole heavenly court
acknowledge their indebtedness to your guidance and
Continue to watch over them.
Provide for all their needs of body and soul.
Pray, likewise, for me,
for my husband,
and my whole family,
that we may all one day rejoice in your blessed company.



  • Annette says:


  • GISELLE says:

    dear mother, i entrust my beloved children: Vania Marie, Zinah Ezrah and grandbaby, Leilani Noelle, PLEASE AND THANK YOU LOVING MOTHER, AMEN! THANK YOU..

  • Annette says:

    Pray for my Joshua and my daughter Natasha that they can reconcile their differences and love each other as brother and sister. And Praying that they are protected by the Power of God and the Angeles .

  • Shobha francis says:

    Dear pray for children to be spiritual and be close with u guard them and protect them

  • Bea Nelson says:

    Pray for Anastasia, Alex, and Charlie.

  • Mary McGowan says:

    Dearest Mother Mary and Guardian Angels of Sarah and Kate. Please keep them in your care and bless and protect them. Thanks for all blessings.

  • Jackie says:

    Beautiful Prayers
    Please Pray and Protect my family
    I am thankful for my many blessings
    And will do my best to raise them to love you all the way I do.

  • romo.mary@sbcglobal.net says:

    Dear Guardian Angels protect, heal and eatch over my children and grandchildren from all illness and harm of body, mind, spirit and soul. Amen

  • Christine says:

    Mother Mary, please watch over my five grandchildren. Guide and protect them in their lives that they make the right choices and decisions in life. And bless them in the goals that they succeed in their lives. I ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord, Amen

  • Mary says:

    Dearest Guardian Angels of my girls continue to guide them. Help them to make wise choices . Be with them always. Amen.

  • Ciiku says:

    Mother most Holy, I pray for a financial breakthrough that I may be able to send my son Michael to university. Michael is a talented musician. I ask this through your son Jesus Christ

  • Evelyn Balaba says:

    Dear Mama mary, please pray for my son Dale and Gino. Protect them from harm. Bring them near to Jesus our Lord your son.. Amen.

  • Sonya Vasquez says:

    Holy Mother pray for my children Bianca & Jay Vasquez protect them from those whom wish them harm and bring them closer to you…Amen

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