Prayer to St. Jude for healing of relationships

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Prayer to St. Jude for healing of relationships

This prayer is often prayed for marriages that are in trouble.

St. Jude the Apostle is the general patron saint of “lost causes” or “desperate situations.” This is because Jude was a saint who was often forgotten throughout history because of his name. In Latin his name is “Judas,” but he is not the same person as Judas Iscariot. People were afraid of praying to him, thinking they might be praying to the “betrayer” instead.

Nevertheless, in spite of being forgotten, anyone who did pray to St. Jude in faith was rewarded with miraculous intervention. Hence, ever since he has become a favorite saint of many who are in desperate need.

Among the many prayers to him, a popular one is a prayer to St. Jude for the healing of relationships. This is especially the case for marriages that are in trouble and need divine intervention.

If you are in need of some heavenly help with your troubled relationship, ask St. Jude for help. He understands what it means to be misunderstood and forgotten.

St. Jude, we have problems in our relationship.
Beg almighty God to give us the light to see ourselves and each other as we really are.

Help us to grow daily in self-knowledge and mutual love while at the same time developing our potential to love and be loved.

Help us, St. Jude, to see and root out every manifestation of selfishness, vanity, and childish self-seeking those hidden enemies of love and maturity.

Show us that by learning to love and being filled with love we may compliment and nurture each other as we share our lives together.



  • Anne says:

    St Jude intercede for us. Special intentions. Thank God we found each other. Thank you, St Joseph, all angels and saints.

  • Rica says:

    St. Jude , please hear my prayer… please that my relationship with Ian must not be wasted…. I wish that we can fix our misunderstandings… and we can talk … thank You st. Jude

  • Elsie says:

    St. Jude I ask for your help through prayers for complete healing and restoration of my relationship my boyfriend, Marco. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

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