St. Raphael, a powerful healer for anyone suffering right now

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St. Raphael, a powerful healer for anyone suffering right now

The archangel’s name in Hebrew means “Divine Healer.”

Among the three archangels named in the Bible, St. Raphael is probably the least known. This is likely due to the fact that St. Raphael is only found in the Old Testament (and there only in a book not considered canonical by Jews or Protestant Christians), while Gabriel and Michael feature prominently in the New Testament.

St. Raphael is a powerful intercessor whom we should not forget, especially during times when we are most in need of healing.

Raphael is found in the Book of Tobit, where he reveals himself as a healer of mind, body and spirit. The first part of the biblical story narrates the life of Tobit, a righteous Jewish man who took upon himself the burial of the dead even when it was forbidden by his Assyrian captors. Tobit became blind after bird droppings fell into his eyes. The blindness lasted for several years and sent Tobit into a deep anguish, creating in him a desire to die.

At the same time there was a woman named Sarah who was tormented by a demon. She married seven times, but each time her bridegroom was killed by the demon on their wedding night, before the marriage could be consummated. She too was deeply depressed and wished for death.

St. Raphael was sent to both. He brought about their healing by accompanying Tobit’s son, Tobias, on a journey to find a special kind of fish liver with healing properties. Raphael was disguised as Tobias’ travel guide, and in this tradition he is often invoked by pilgrims.

On the way back home, Raphael and Tobias stopped at the home of Tobit’s kinsmen — the parents of Sarah. Tobias and Sarah fell in love, and on their wedding night Tobias’ pledge of chaste love, stirred by Raphael’s angelic power, defeated the demon.

Returning home with his bride, Tobias laid the fish liver on Tobit’s eyes and his blindness was healed. At the marriage feast of Tobias and Sarah, the family turned to thank Raphael, who only then revealed himself as an archangel.

The word Raphael in Hebrew can be rendered as, “God heals,” “Divine Healer,” or “Remedy of God.” His angelic mission on earth is to heal, which is very important for those suffering in any way.

Below is a prayer to St. Raphael for any intention you may have, especially for anyone you know who may be hurting right now. In light of recent events, all of us should pray for the healing of the world, and all those suffering in mind, body or spirit.

Glorious Archangel St. Raphael, great prince of the heavenly court, you are illustrious for your gifts of wisdom and grace. You are a guide of those who journey by land or sea or air, consoler of the afflicted, and refuge of sinners. I beg you, assist me in all my needs and in all the sufferings of this life, as once you helped the young Tobias on his travels. Because you are the “medicine of God” I humbly pray you to heal the many infirmities of my soul and the ills that afflict my body. I especially ask of you the favor (here mention your special intention), and the great grace of purity to prepare me to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


  • Bertha says:

    Amen 🙏

  • fe says:

    St. Raphael de Archangel please healed my son Rafael from his skin allergy for my pain i feel always, for my cousin doing her Dialysis, and for our 5 days Little Angel Ezekiel,,, who have blood infection my other cousin who are sick too. Please healed us I asked you this tru Jesus Christ our Lord and
    Great Healer. Amen

  • Peter says:

    Please find the grace to heal my wife from the ailments she has and is going thru

  • Stella says:

    Please St Raphael heal me from the pain , fatigue and dizziness. Also heal my son. I pray for kind intervention. I believe you will do this for me . Amen

  • Barb says:

    Dear St Ralphael, please pray for healing and an end of all the generational sins in my family, and for protection and blessings, especially an increase of God’s grace for my family, and all families. And that we may all get back together in a home of our own. Thank you!

  • Jovy says:

    Please heal me! AMEN!

  • Dominica says:

    Please heal my children and husband and me amen!

  • Rose Marie says:

    Heal my Granddaughter, she was diagnosed with asthma, the pain of my sons foot… heal and protect us, Amen

  • Terry Dillon says:

    Not all Jews reject the Septuagint. This is the first time I read that the vow of marriage for Tobias was one of chaste love. What does that mean? Faithfulness in marriage is marital chastity, is it not?

  • May this Palm Sunday, bring back my son Gregory and make his wife Melissa, believe in God. It is hurtful for me.
    Please heal my CIDP rare disease.

  • Marty Simmons says:

    St. Raphael, please heal Norma’s legs. She is in a lot of pain.She has poor circulation and very bad open wounds. It is affecting her emotionally too. She is 94 yrs old. In Jesus name I pray.

  • Phyllis says:

    Please heal my daughter of physical , mental , emotional pains and addictions in the name of Jesus!

  • monching says:

    St. Raphael please pray for our healing. In Jesus name..

  • Julie hooker says:

    Pleas help me get well amen .

  • Margaret says:

    Archangel Raphael please intercede for me concerning this weakness and loss of appetite. And for the pains in my mother and in-laws body. Amen.

  • Ike says:

    Archangel Raphael please heal me from every sickness and infection and heal my dad as well. Dear Archangel Raphael please guide me to the woman I am to marry just as you guided Tobias to his wife Sarah in Jesus name, Amen!

  • Kusumam jacob says:

    Archangel Raphael please heal my husband from his heart trouble and my daughter’s ligament injury too Help us to travel safely to tomorrow as well

  • Marilou says:

    Archangel Raphael please heal me from every sickness of my whole body,the sickness of my whole family,friends,relatives and all mankind who are sufferings from illness and please help us in all our needs and help us to solve problems especially in our financial Jesus Name I Pray.. Amen

  • jhen says:

    st. rapahel
    pls heal my burned face. heal all the marks that left behind my chemical burn. let it be lighted and back to normal. pls help me. help me to pray to god and by your grace.

  • Celia says:

    Archangel Rafael please heal me from my illness. Heal my from aggressive bowel tumor, cancer on uterus and ovary! Give me strength and heal me from this illness, and I pray. Amen 🙏

  • Florise THATCHER says:

    Archangel Raphael please intercede on my behalf to Jesus as i surrender myself to Him.

  • Regina Jeronimo says:

    St. Raphael I humbly pray for my son Mark and my daughter whom suffer from mental illness and often find themselves very angry and confused by the thoughts in their minds. Help them to see my lord Jesus on the cross so that theirs is lighter. Heal my son and daughter. Amen.

  • P.moore says:

    St .Raphael I humbly come to you to request a complete and total healing for me my children and grandchildren for knowledge and wisdom, protection from danger and evil, financial blessings,vibrant physical and mental health.In Jesus name Amen

  • Nancy A Jurinek says:

    St. Raphael please heal me strengthen me and change me in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • George Zamora says:

    Archangel Raphael, please intercede on my behalf to heal my brain and nervous system. In Jesus’ holy name I pray, Amen!

  • bd says:

    Please help my son with his issues

  • St. Raphael, I am an unworthy sinner, coming to you in reverence and humility. Dare I ask of you to heal my family of the hidden anger and pain which manifest in such disrespect? I feel so unworthy of any favor, but I know of the power of God, through whom all things are possible, and I humbly ask for your intercession in my family, immediate and extended. St. Raphael, pray for us, who have recourse to thee.

  • Jan says:

    Archangel Raphael please help me cope with the pain I am in. Amen

  • Cel says:

    Plz heal my dear granddaughter autumn heal her ezema also my daughter knee ,anxiety, her back n heart



  • Harris says:

    Archangel Raphael, please intercede on my behalf to heal my Head and Neck Cancer.

  • April says:

    Please heal me Archangel Raphael my ear infection n blocked ear n please heal me from placenta previa that is on top of my cervix to move away from my cervix n go bk where it belongs. Please also pray for a safely delivery of my precious miracle bby girl who i love alot.

  • Mary says:

    Please Help my son overcome his drug addiction

  • May Dizon Ynzon says:

    Archangel St. Raphael please heal the speaking prowess of my grandson James…He can’t talk clearly…

  • Joy says:

    St.Raphael, please heal me in my illness right whole family…my family tree..and those who are suffering now…

  • Aida Carreon says:

    Archangel Raphael please healmy sister in law to suffering in her illness in jesus name please hear my prayers. Amen


    St. Raphael Archangel, Please heal me in my illness. I am suffering right now and scared of what might happen in me. I lift it all to you. Please hear my prayer, In JESUS name, Amen.

  • Jopags says:


  • Angelica Flores says:

    Please st Raphael give my grandmother strength and reason to live longer! In your name amen.

  • Chegh Timga Raphael says:

    St. Raphael my patron saint the divine healer,heal me my all sickness.

  • Yhamze says:

    St. Raphael, may divine saint, divine healer, need your help now.

  • Yhamze says:

    St. Raphael the divine healer, need your help right.

  • Ernestine says:

    Heal my mother’s broken body….Amen!!

  • Ernestine says:

    Please help my mother….Amen!

  • Marion Chabot says:

    St.Raphael please heal my COPD EMPHYSEMA,so that I can breath better.Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Kat says:

    For my mom

  • Phyllis Y Moore says:

    Please pray for Adrian and his family

  • Pm says:

    Please pray for Ryan and his family

  • Pm says:

    Please pray for Vicki and her family

  • Pm says:

    Please pray for Phyllis for financial blessings money for house repairs, complete mental and physical health , protection for evil and danger, knowledge and wisdom.

  • Pm says:

    Pray daily for Krystal m.

  • Kaye says:

    St. Raphael please heal the person so dear to me who is suffering from cancer. Amen

  • St. RAPHAEL, pls give complete and perfect healing to my son Edward soon.

  • Agnes Andrada says:

    Heal me St. Raphael. My brain tumor seems recurring again. I beg of you please help me. Help me to live longer so I could guide my son as he is growing and to help him become a good god fearing Christian.

  • D proud says:

    Please heal me with these multiple concerns. Amen.

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